Why should i be a lawyer

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Why should i be a lawyer

Nov 30, 2009You sound like you have a story to tell, but I think you need to focus more on the personal aspect of the personal statement. It sounds more like you are telling the Adcom why they should let you be a lawyer (I am good at this, that, etc) but what they really want to hear is why YOU, and you particularly, John Chao, want to become a lawyer. Because, once in a while, you get the opportunity to help someone who desperately needs your help. It feels good to be that person. Whatever reason you have for becoming a lawyer (and you can want to be a lawyer for any reason) make sure that it fits with where you are applying and is logical. It is worthy to say you want to work with people to uphold their human rights but that will not explain why you are being interviewed in a commercial law firms office. Jan 03, 2014We may agree with Aristotle that the law is reason free from passion, yet an answer as to why you might want a career in law is the opposite it is a rare opportunity to show your passion, so. Aug 13, 2019Becoming a lawyer is an enormous undertaking in terms of time commitment and financial investment. Law school and passing the bar can be arduous challenges. Your motivation can depend at times on knowing what's really good about this profession, and being able to glimpse it out there on the horizon. Feb 08, 2017Here are a few reasons for why I want to become lawyer. When you become lawyer, you have the power to help people, using nothing but your mind. You can stand up for people who are being bullied by powerful adversaries. Aug 13, 2019Dont overthink about each question. Just read, think briefly, and pick the answers that most closely describe you. There are no right or wrong answers. Dont try to guess which question will lead to a particular result. Starting salaries for lawyers can be quite attractive, especially in large cities. 's are very versatile degrees, which means that you dont necessarily have to be a full time lawyer. Law degrees are useful in the business world (believe it or not J. is the second most common degree for CEOs). Additionally, social justice via legal action is one of the most important roles of the attorney in any society; no social justice movement is complete without zealous legal representation. Finally, it should by now be a golden rule of the 2000's to contribute, to give back, to the society in which one lives. In addition to the LSAT and the bar exam, law students must take numerous tests throughout law school. Sometimes your grade is determined by only one test given at the end of a yearlong course, so performing well is a measure of ones testtaking ability, at least in part. The legal field is a tough profession. It requires years of hard work and determination. Stop trying to figure it out on your own! Take this quiz and find out once and for all if you SHOULD be a Lawyer! Don't waste your time in the wrong profession. Get work now in what you really should be doing, or commit to the legal field once and for all!

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